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SelexWeb Frequently Asked Questions

A great website speaks to its target audience. It has a pleasing appearance with a good colour scheme that’s easy on the eyes. It provides an enjoyable user experience because it loads fast, is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and responsive. Of course, it’s also search-engine friendly so the right people can find it.

The world of technology is fast-paced and ever-changing. We love having the opportunity to learn new tools and techniques to keep up with technology and apply them to real-world problems to make our clients’ experiences remarkable.

As a local Edmonton-based business, we truly care about our community and the businesses that are a part of it. That’s why we strive to maintain budget-friendly services that give you the greatest return on investment. We do more than just sell you a website. We cultivate life-long relationships.

Every client and project is unique. The best way to get a quote for our services is to fill out our web form or contact us via email or phone. We usually don’t work off of package deals because we believe each client deserves the opportunity to discuss their business needs. Instead, we offer a free consultation to all our clients to come up with a personalized estimate that’s accurate and fair.

There are a couple of ways to get in touch with us. You can leave us a message using the contact form. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at info@selexweb.ca. A member of our team will look over your information and contact you soon!

What is your website for?
Who is your intended audience?
What would your customers look for on your website?

We work remotely with our clients for the most part. However, if you are located in the Edmonton area, in-person meetings can be arranged by contacting us.

The past few years have taught us to embrace the remote work culture for the safety of our team members and community. All communications at Selexweb are now done remotely through phone, email and video conference apps like Zoom and Google Meet both internally between Selexweb team members and externally with clients.

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