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Klarissa and SelexWeb’s founder, Sayem, go way back. The two met during their undergraduate studies at the same university. Klarissa has always dreamt of becoming a lawyer to help people navigate legal complexities. After her bachelor’s degree, she pursued her Juris Doctor law degree at the University of Alberta where she decided she wanted to share her knowledge of the law with others. This led her to contact SelexWeb. She explained that she wanted a platform where she could freely share her ideas and what she learned in her classes, and also provide advice for those like her who are aspiring to become lawyers.

Her vision of spreading knowledge, educating the public and inspire future generations of lawyers inspired SelexWeb and we decided to take on her project. We built a blog website for Klarissa that was simple and easy for her to use on her own. And we continue to provide her with ongoing support for her website and the work she is trying to accomplish.

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