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Website Optimization : The seven most important web pages
23 Sep 21

Website Optimization: The Seven Most Important Web Pages

Standing out in a flooded online marketplace is necessary for businesses in 2021. Largescale businesses are spending up to $75,000...

Basic SEO: Ways to Optimize Your Web Page by SelexWeb
24 Aug 21

Basic SEO: Learn How to Optimize a Page

Google is all about good user experience. Optimize your web page to let SEO bots know what your website is...

SEO Page Optimization Why Do You Need It by SelexWeb
06 Jun 21

SEO Page Optimization: why do you need it?

In the context of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), optimization is organizing your page to make it SEO-friendly. SEO bots look...

Website Maintenance What does it mean for you? SelexWeb
29 May 21

Website Maintenance: What Does It Mean for You?

Many site owners quickly forget the importance of website maintenance for their digital assets like anything else in our lives....