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Cloud Web Hosting in Edmonton

We host our websites as part of the monthly Website Management service. Hosting is what makes your website live on the Internet and is absolutely necessary.



Scalable Hosting Services

SelexWeb has hosting partners with data centers worldwide. We keep our websites in Canada and website data backups in multiple other locations. These servers are super powerful with tools and systems that make it convenient to maintain, update, and scale websites as needed.


A new website may not have crazy traffic, but this changes over time as the business grows. We can monitor performance and issues and increase resources if needed. College of Acupuncturists of Alberta has over thousands of visits on certain busy weeks, and the website continues to operate smoothly. 

Our Websites have 99.99% uptime.

~ 8 primary features ~

Why Host with SelexWeb?

Website Transfer

We have simplified methods and processes to move websites to our infrastructure quickly. So clients can have 0 downtimes when moving to us.

Performance Monitoring

We use our monitoring tools to view application and performance data to make sure websites are running smoothly.

Managed Security

We offer peace of mind with our managed security solutions so clients can have protections against attacks like DDoS, Brute-force

Staging Areas

We test all application-level changes in our isolated staging areas and avoid application downtime because of incompatible website components. Sometimes some website components don't play well with each other. We dissect them here.

SSL Certificates

Google loves websites with SSL certificates and boosts them in search ranking! We provide SSL certificates for your business websites to increase trust from visitors and customers and overall security.

Managed Backups

We back up our servers and website data on-site and secure third-part off-site locations. So when bad things happen, we are ready for it. They do happen, trust us. We can have the website up and running in no time with systems in place!

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~ We Earned a 5 Star Google Rating ~

What People Say About Us on Google:


What a great guy to work with. Not only that Sayem promise me a great website, he also delivered and more. He was so easy to communicate with. He gets back to you promplty through texts and emails to questions asked. He also listened to what I asked. His knowledge in website design is thorough and it’s reflected on how he created mine. The website he designed was simple as that was required but there was a hint of elegance to it, beautiful and best of all easy to navigate. Overall, I am very happy that I went with his company. Highly recommended!


I can’t say enough good things about Sayem and his team at Selex Web. We wasted thousands of dollars and were given the run around for five months with another website developer. Selex Web gave us exactly what we wanted in under two weeks. They have also provided the analytics needed to grow our business.


Its been a great experience working with SelexWeb. Exceptional customer service and unbeatable quality of work. The website they developed exceeded my expectations.


I have no background or experience with websites, so the idea of developing my own from scratch… I was intimidated! SelexWeb has been just what I needed. Prompt, helpful, and professional, they helped me to develop a website I’m happy with and continue to support me with improving it and with troubleshooting. Highly recommended!

Maridon Kedse
Owner, MK Photography
Terry Abbott
Manager, Direct Sublimation
Bailey Hopkins
Owner & Paralegal, Professional Workspace Solutions
Christopher Peet
Professor, The King's University