What does the Edmonton web hosting migration look like with SelexWeb?

We offer lightning-fast, reliable website hosting services as part of our monthly Website Maintenance service to provide clients peace of mind and a continuous, uninterrupted digital presence online. Our systems are designed to improve performance and website visitors’ experience. There are two ways clients can signup for our top-class web hosting and maintenance services. Below you can see the process overview.


Managed Website Hosting Services for Web Design Clients

Our exceptional web hosting service is available to all new web design clients. Not only do we build stunning, responsive websites, but we host them on our secure, fast, and reliable servers. With managed website hosting services, we take care of all the work to ensure your website runs smoothly.

Initial Consultation

Before presenting a proposal and quote, we meet with you to determine your website needs and understand your brand vision.

Design & Build Phase

Then, we design and build the server using the right technologies and security measures to ensure efficient performance.

Maintenance & Hosting

For an affordable monthly fee, we maintain and host your website to deliver the best possible experience to your visitors.


Managed Website Hosting Service for Clients With An Existing Website

Do you already have a website? Are you confused by your available hosting options? At SelexWeb, we make web hosting stress-free and efficient. We offer the same great services as we do for our web design clients with a slightly different process.

The Initial Consultation

We’ll meet to learn more about your website, its current technologies and we’ll run tests to find the right type of hosting.

Schedule Site Migration

Once we've assessed your website, we will schedule a free site migration to move your website to our server infrastructure.

What Our Web Hosts Offer

Our Edmonton website hosting includes a smooth transfer of your site without any downtime for increased performance and speed.


Why WordPress Is the Leading Website Builder

WordPress is our web design platform of choice because it allows us to build robust, reliable, and customizable websites for any size of business. With easy drag-and-drop website builder options and custom coding available, our skilled designers and developers can create an elegant, fast website that can scale to your business demands. Whether you’re a photographer who needs to showcase a portfolio of images, a startup software company, or a professional service provider, WordPress and SelexWeb web hosting services can accommodate all your website requirements.

Robust and Reliable

We build our hosting servers to host WordPress sites and other PHP-based applications. With optimized toolsets to increase reliability, your WordPress site will run smoothly and efficiently.

Optimized WordPress

WordPress is optimized for our SelexWeb server infrastructure which results in efficient website performance so your visitors don’t have to wait for your site to load during high-traffic hours.

Fast Performance

Our web hosting infrastructure is designed to increase your website’s performance, reliability, and security so you and your visitors can have peace of mind when browsing your website or app.

Outstanding Customer Support

The world of website design and management can be confusing. At SelexWeb, we prioritize friendly and reliable customer service our clients rave about. If you have questions, we take the time to answer them. Our expertise means you can pass off your website to trusted professionals and have confidence its performance is top-notch.

Support Teams You Can Count On

The friendly and helpful support teams at SelexWeb make us one of the top web hosting companies in Edmonton. We take pride in serving our clients and helping their businesses succeed. Get expert 1-on-1 help when you need it.

Innovative Technology for Fast Load Times

Speed is essential online. With SelexWeb hosting, your customers don’t need to wait to access your content. We use a fast network of servers and site optimization tools to ensure you deliver quality and speed to your visitors.

Active Monitoring and Site Security

With SelexWeb, your website is actively monitored to ensure it remains in optimal health. When issues arise, we respond quickly to fix them, so your customers experience minimal to no interruptions while browsing.

More Reasons to Choose SelexWeb Web Hosting

Scalable Web Hosting that Grows With You

As your business grows, your website will also need to expand its capacity, and our web hosting plans will keep pace with you. There is no limit to what you can accomplish with WordPress and SelexWeb hosting powering your business online.

No Fee, Straightforward Website Transfers

Hosting your WordPress site somewhere else? No problem! We offer hassle-free domain transfers and site migrations, so your website stays live, and visitors are automatically sent to the new location.

A Reliable Canadian Server Network

We use a combination of servers based across Canada, so your visitors have the best possible load times regardless of where they live. Delight your Canadian customers with super fast website load times.

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    Help & FAQ

    Edmonton Web Hosting Migration

     Browse the section below to see some of our most frequently asked questions about website hosting migration. Make sure to check our Edmonton web hosting service page and FAQs. If your question is not here or you would like to chat more, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    If you already have a website:

    1. Domain Access
    2. Administrator access to your website

    We will take it from there 🙂

    We offer free transfers for most websites. However, some sites can be exceptions to this depending on the age and current condition.

    Our processes are designed to move websites as smooth as possible. Some websites may go offline for a few hours.

    Our website maintenance and hosting service is scaleable and customizable for all types of business needs. Although you can start small and upgrade over time or your website already have thousands of visitors a day, and we will provide you with a top-notch hosting environment for your growing company and meet your needs.

    We will send monthly reports to create awareness about your website. These reports answer questions like:

    1. Where am I getting visitors from?
    2. What does the user trend look like for the past 30 days?
    3. What pages are the most popular ones?
    4. Where are my users located?


    and many more!

    You can pay by Visa, Credit Card, E-transfer or Cheques.

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