SEO Page Optimization: why do you need it?

SEO page optimization why do you need it by Selexweb

In the context of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), optimization is organizing your page to make it SEO-friendly. SEO bots look at hundreds of thousands of websites to understand what they are all about by going through each page and analyzing them. 

Today, the most popular search engines are Google, bing, Yahoo, and Baidu, but the ratio of using the google search engine is 92.03 as of August 2021 according to StatCounter.

So to limit the scope of this article, we will stick to Google’s Search Engine.

Search Engine Market Share by StatCounter

When you search for a term like “Dance club”, Google already has a list of pages ranked to your query. 

Google’s search algorithm uses up to 200 factors to rank websites and promote the best ones to users searching for them. Google uses these quantifiable metrics to evaluate a page’s user experience.

It is time-consuming to make your website SEO-friendly. But it’s important so you can compete with search trends these days.

So, Why Make Your Website SEO-Friendly Again?

Whether you are a marketer or a site owner, SEO is important for everybody. 

These days, your customers or clients rely heavily on search engines to learn, research, and buy a service or a product. So Search Engine Algorithms are your friends. You want to learn more about them because you want your website to show up to potential customers first when they are looking for you.

Business owners are leveraging search engines to grow their business exponentially through organic traffic to their websites. 

To do this, your website needs to be SEO optimized. This allows Search Engine bots to analyze and rank your website using their metrics, so it shows up on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

The higher rank you have, the better your chance of getting to the first page of the SERP.


Search engine algorithms focus on creating the best user experience for their user. If you want to work with them, you’ll want to learn more about how they work and what you can do to optimize your website. 

We summed up some of the basics for you in this article

Why Choose Selexweb for Optimizing Web Pages?

As you’ve learned, optimizing web pages is essential if you are looking to drive your business growth through organic traffic. 

Your content and products can get ranked higher and reach more people for free by optimizing web pages. 

Here are some reasons why you should work with us to optimize your web pages today:

  • Affordable price for web page SEO
  • We do internal and third-party Audit for SEO
  • Our experts work closely with your team to tackle the issues identified.
  • Regularly Backups
  • Quick support
  • Best of all: we learn together.

SelexWeb has expertise in Web Development and helping clients with SEO. Once a website goes live, we focus on optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine platforms. And, we do this first by understanding your goals appropriately. Contact SelexWeb to learn more.

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