DNS Impact on Websites & Emails: Simplified Explanation

DNS Explained How It Can Impact Your Website and Email Services

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a fundamental part of how the internet works, allowing users to access websites and email services with ease. However, when DNS issues arise, they can disrupt your online presence, affecting both your website and email. We have seen DNS issues happening for a variety of reasons, most commons are DNS misconfigurations, expired domains & unreliable DNS managers. In this article, we will explain what DNS is and how it can impact your website and email services in an easy-to-understand way.

What is DNS?

DNS, short for Domain Name System, is like an internet phone book. When you enter a website address or send an email, DNS changes the website’s name into an IP address, which are numbers that help computers find each other online. This makes it easier to visit websites and send emails without needing to know complex IP addresses.

To put it simply, DNS servers answer questions like “Where can I find this website?” and then guide you to the correct location. When you receive an email, the sender’s email server (e.g., Google, Microsoft, etc.) will ask the DNS server, “Where should this email be sent?” You can even customize it to redirect specific requests.

How DNS Server Redirect Traffic for Email or Website Figure
How DNS Server Redirects Traffic for Email & Website

How DNS Issues Can Bring Your Website and Email Down

There are several ways DNS issues can impact your website and email services, making them inaccessible to users:

Configuration Errors

Mistakes in DNS settings, such as incorrect IP addresses or misconfigured records, can prevent users from reaching your website or email services. Double-checking settings and ensuring all records are up-to-date can help prevent these issues.

Expired Domain Registration

If your domain registration expires, your website and email services will stop working. Keep track of your domain’s expiration date and renew it before it expires to maintain uninterrupted access.

DNS Server Outages

If the DNS server responsible for translating your domain name experiences an outage, users won’t be able to access your website or email services. Choosing a reliable DNS provider with multiple backup servers can help minimize downtime caused by server outages.


Understanding what DNS is and how it can impact your website and email services is crucial for maintaining a reliable online presence. By being aware of common DNS issues and taking preventative measures, you can minimize disruptions and ensure your website and email services remain accessible to users. As part of SelexWeb’s website hosting and maintenance services, we help manage your DNS system to increase reliability and keep your online presence running smoothly. Reach out to SelexWeb, your trusted partner in Edmonton, for assistance with DNS management and other web-related services, and let us help you maintain a seamless and secure online presence.

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