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Dive into a world where your business data becomes your strongest asset. Our custom dashboards and web apps, enhanced with AI, turn data into clear, actionable insights, freeing you from the guesswork and propelling your business forward. Experience increased revenue and customer satisfaction like never before.

The Power of AI in Your Hands

AI isn’t just about handling data; it’s about leveling the playing field for your team. With AI-driven insights, decision-making becomes a collective strength, fueling growth and innovation across your business. Let AI be the catalyst that unites your team around shared goals and clear strategies.

Tailored Web Apps for Your Unique Needs

Harnessing Every Bit of Your Data

Your business data, from financials to customer interactions, is a goldmine. Our tailored solutions unlock this potential, providing timely, relevant insights that guide your decision-making. Lead with confidence and clarity at every step.

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Insights On-the-Go

Our solutions are designed for the modern world—accessible anytime, anywhere. Make informed decisions on the fly, whether you’re in the office or halfway around the globe. Save time, reduce costs, and stay a step ahead.

Q3, 2023 % of Income Q3, 2022 (PY) % of Income
Revenue $251,253.00 100.00% $286,735.00 100.00%
Total Income $251,253.00 100.00% $286,235.00 100.00%
Cost of Goods Sold
Production Materials $57,304.00 22.81% $68,883.00 24.07%
Direct Wages $38,692.00 15.40% $45,498.00 15.90%
Direct Other $4,328.00 1.72% $2,683.00 0.94%
Total Cost of Goods Sold $100,324.00 39.93% $117,064.00 40.90%
Gross Profit $150,929.00 60.07% $169,171.00 59.10%
Accounting & Legal fees $1,750.00 0.70% $4,000.00 1.40%
Advertising /Marketing $5,586.00 2.22% $1,478.00 0.52%
Bank & Credit Card Fees, Bad Debts $2,598.00 1.03% $150 0.05%
General & Administrative $7,275.00 2.90% $6,713.00 2.35%
Indirect Variable Costs $22,686.00 9.03% $27,358.00 9.56%
Non-Job Payroll $23,985.00 9.55% $17,986.00 6.28%
Shop Rent & Operating Expenses $17,450.00 6.95% $9,193.00 3.21%
Total Expenses $81,330.00 32.37% $66,878.00 23.36%
Net Operating Income $69,599.00 27.70% $102,293.00 35.74%
Other Income
Interest Income $38 0.02% $46 0.02%
Miscellaneous Income $198 0.08% $156 0.05%
Total Other Income $236.00 0.09% $202.00 0.07%
Other Expenses
Non-Deductible Expenses $0 0.00% $1,698.00 0.59%
Total Other Expenses $0.00 0.00% $1,698.00 0.59%
Net Other Income $236.00 0.09% -$1,496.00 -0.52%
Net Income $69,835.00 27.79% $100,797.00 35.21%

Success Stories

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Tom from ABC plumbing was drowning in numbers until AI threw him a lifeline. His accountant had just wrapped up the quarterly report, a maze of figures from this year versus the last. But with his AI Powered Custom Dashboard, Tom saw his data come alive. By hitting play, he turned complex data into clear insights, guiding his business like never before.

Unleash the potential of AI and Go Beyond the Basics. The sky is limitless.

Elevate Your Business with AI

Tom’s story is just the beginning. Explore the limitless possibilities of AI in enhancing your business practices. From discovering efficiencies to charting growth paths, let’s unlock new potentials together.

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